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You can get up and running in no time, all you need to get started are the following:
       1. PC or laptop to run the Retail DirectorTM Back Office software on and print your reports.
       2. A standard network connection from the Back Office PC to where your till will be located.
       3. A Retail DirectorTM touch-screen Till system.
       4. TheRetail DirectorTM Stock Control & EPoS software.
You will probably want to use your own PC or laptop or purchase one for your Back Office. Most clients have their local electrician or shopfitter install the
network cable, however if you would like our assistance with this we can either talk to your electrician for you or have our network installation partners
carryout the work. Most businesses realise the value of Broadband Internet connection and having this installed to your Back Office will enable our support
services to connect to your system and provide assistance should the need arise. There are of course a number of additional items you may need
depending on your particular requirements:
  Hand held single line barcode scanner or a multi-line omni-directional barcode scanner.
  A customer display pole that shows each customer the items you are selling and the total price.
  Either an integrated Chip n PIN credit card service from us or a standalone PDQ unit from your bank.
  Broadband Internet connection if you choose our integrated Chip n PIN service.
  Back Office barcode label printer for creating your own product labels with logo, description, price etc.
  Hand Held Terminal for stock taking, purchase ordering, deliveries, stock lookup.
  Customer loyalty cards if required.
  Consumables such as till rolls and barcode labels.
The above is not a complete list but does cover most of the usual requirements. It is our job to understand your business and to recommend the right solution to deliver the benefits that a complete retail management system can bring. Our team has many years experience dealing with every type of retail environment. Niche International is ready to supply all the items you require and our service includes:
  Retail DirectorTM retail management software package.
System hardware and additional equipment.
  On-going Support. 
When you join the Retail DirectorTM user family, you have access to our retail consultancy and IT advice from some of themost experienced people in the business and all this included as part of our exceptional service to you.We do not consider ourselves your supplier, more your partner in providing the very best possible solution to your stock control and EPoS requirement.
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