Touchscreen Till Software
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Whilst a comprehensive Back Office package is important, it is the point-of-sale software that is the key to a successful EPoS installation. The very term ‘Electronic-Point-of-Sale’ refers primarily to the Till software and systems. The EPoS software you choose must not only manage the products you sell, effortlessly, it must also have all the functionality required to provide a complete and efficient service to your customers via fast and easy-to-use screens that you cashiers will understand and become confident in using quickly.

We believe the Retail Director
TM Till software is ‘second to none’ on the market. It presents the sales information in a clear and easy to read format and provides access to extensive point-of-sale functionality via a simple-to-use main control panel. The control panel can be tailored to suit your particular requirements, intuitively presenting only the functionality your cashiers need to see and use.
•  Secure cashier logon (PIN, Card, or Fingerprint)
•  Cashier functionality limitation security control
•  Barcode scanning (unit and case barcodes)
•  Pre-Weighed & Pre-Priced barcode scanning
•  Product code entry
•  Select from a list of Quantity and Prices for an item
•  Product search by description or stock groups
•  Stock level enquiry and stock at other stores
•  Touch screen product buttons
•  Product warnings for cashier (Over 18, etc)
•  Linked products alert for cashier up-selling
•  Item discount and sale total discount entry
•  Multi-Buy, Special Offers and Quantity discounting
•  Product returns with return reason recording
•  Credit Note printing with barcode for security
•  Non sale product enquiry (secure view of costs etc.)
•  Sale Layaways, X-Z Read, Float, Cashing Up input.
•  Customer identification and loyalty scheme
•  Customer purchasing history
•  Automatic specific customer discounting
•  Account customers with Invoice and sales Ledger
•  Trade counter mode with VAT exclusive price display
•  Integrated electronic signature pad and recording
•  Automatic product and customer image display
•  Gift receipt printing
•  Gift Voucher printing with barcode for security
•  Integrated Chip n PIN key pad option
•  Integrated Electronic Signature Pad
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